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Recuperation units are required by almost three quarters of customers of design companies

Prague, 29 August 2016 – Almost three quarters of customers of design companies require inclusion of a recuperation unit during preparation of constructions. The situation is, however, rather different at firms dealing especially with engineering constructions where they are required for one fifth of designs only. These conclusions imply from the analysis which was prepared for the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH by the analytical company “CEEC Research”.

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The FOR ARCH Trade Fair to introduce a comfort and environment-friendly digital household of the future

This year’s edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is to be held at the end of September in Prague-Letňany, has chosen, as one of the current topics, also the so-called “smart house” which is able, through its structure and technologies used, to ensure maximum comfort and energy-efficient environment for the people living there. A special ELEKTRO section will be reserved in the hall number 4 to the firms which are active in this sector. The general partner of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 is the ČEZ group.

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FOR ARCH to support building trades and establishment of cooperation with foreign companies

One of the core topics of this year’s FOR ARCH Trade Fair, which is to be held at the end of September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, will be the support of vocational training. The final round of the competition presentation of building trades and crafts known as SUSO will take place within the framework of this approach as well. This event will be accompanied also by another edition of the popular bilateral business negotiations known as MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS and by the conference of directors of European Craft Chambers. Already in a few days, on Thursday, 2 June, the conference CROSSROADS OF ARCHITECTURE will be held in the National Technical Museum in Prague focused on the topic “Cultural landscape: changes, creation, protection”.

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Rich accompanying programme of FOR ARCH 2016

The 27th FOR ARCH International Building Trade Fair will take place on 20-24 September 2016 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre. For the first time in its history, it will present a different daily topic for each day of the event. Visitors will thus be able to learn about the issue of product and material quality, energy efficiency of buildings, ventilation systems, professional training in the construction sector, the “smart building” phenomenon and self-made construction work. Professionals at the CONSULTANCY CENTRE will give visitors expert advice according to the daily topic. Within its exposition, the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic will provide information on state-funded subsidies.

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The FOR ARCH presentation in Spain a big success

We would like to thank everybody who visited the booth of FOR ARCH at the CEVISAMA trade fair in Valencia, Spain, where the FOR ARCH trade fair was presented within the cooperation between FERIA VALENCIA and PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

We are pleased that new foreign exhibitors and business partners expressed a desire to take part in FOR ARCH, which proves that the scope of the largest Czech construction trade fair is getting increasingly international. Go see the event for yourself on 20-24 September 2016 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre in Prague, Czech Republic. The 27th FOR ARCH building trade fair will be accompanied by an extensive accompanying programme and numerous lectures and seminars. 


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More than 6 months prior to its opening, the FOR THERM trade fair witnesses an unprecedented interest on the part of exhibitors

The HVAC sector is on the rise in the Czech Republic as the government continues to financially support installations of new, more ecological heat sources through a system of subsidies and allocation of EU funding resources. This is why both businesses and end clients are willing to invest in new heating and AC systems. And this is why now, half a year before the event takes place, the FOR THERM trade fair witnesses an unprecedented interest of companies seeking to exhibit at the trade fair. 


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REHVA grants auspices to FOR THERM

REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, has granted patronage to the 2016 FOR THERM trade fair. REHVA is a leading authority within the European HVAC sector,

The fact that this is a second time in a row that REHVA has granted auspices to FOR THERM proves that FOR THERM can easily compete with the top HVAC exhibitions in Europe. To further strengthen the international scope of the event, a set of organized B2B meetings entitled Matchmaking Business Meetings will be held. The meetings are designed to help international participants to introduce themselves on the Czech market and to find new business partners, suppliers, manufacturers, producers and wholesalers.

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Water heating costs hundreds of EUR. Learn how to save money at the FOR THERM fair

Czech people are thrifty when it comes to heating. But as far as water heating is concerned, they are less economical, even though heating of water comprises a large portion of a household's yearly energy expenses. The average four-member family uses 73 cubic meters of water each year (i.e. 50 liters of water per person each day). Heating of such an amount of water costs hundreds of EUR, depending on the heating source and on the habits of the family. It is important to take into consideration all the financial parameters and consequences of the individual solutions when you are choosing your water heating system. New technologies will be presented by both Czech and foreign manufacturers at the FOR THERM trade fair, which will take place on 15-19 September, 2015, in the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center in Letnany, Prague, Czech Republic. Professionals in the fields of heating, AC, chimney systems and alternative energy sources will take part in the concurrent conference.   (12.2.2015)   read more >>
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The 2015 FOR ARCH trade fair under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic

The 26th annual FOR ARCH, the most attended Czech building trade fair, which will take place in September 2015 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE fairground, will be exceptional. The event will be held under the auspices of Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic; Bohuslav Sobotka, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic; and Milan Stech, the President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. These auspices are yet another evidence that the FOR ARCH trade fair is the top event of the Czech building industry.  
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The FOR ARCH figures are newly audited by Amasia Expo

As part of further internationalization of the largest Czech construction trade fair, the figures of FOR ARCH are now audited by Amasia Expo, a UFI-authorized auditing agency, which has successfully audited the 2014 edition of the fair. FOR ARCH thus continues to confirm its status of an international event and to further expand its foreign business activities. The FOR ARCH trade fair is now newly represented also in Austria, Lithuania and China.
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