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FOR THERM, a trade fair for heating, alternative sources of energy and AC, gains support of REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and AC Associations

REHVA represents more than 100.000 engineers from 26 European countries and helps the FOR THERM trade fair one more step further in 2015. As part of the cooperation, the 6th annual FOR THERM is included in the official list of REHVA, and REHVA will, from its position of a professional partner, take part in preparation of the accompanying program, which will be attended among others by prof. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc., the president of REHVA. The main topic of the 2015 FOR ARCH is Energy Efficiency of Buildings, and FOR THERM follows with its topic Efficiency of Heating. We believe that this cooperation will yield new perspectives on the given topic.   (6.1.2015)   read more >>

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