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Water heating costs hundreds of EUR. Learn how to save money at the FOR THERM fair

Czech people are thrifty when it comes to heating. But as far as water heating is concerned, they are less economical, even though heating of water comprises a large portion of a household's yearly energy expenses. The average four-member family uses 73 cubic meters of water each year (i.e. 50 liters of water per person each day). Heating of such an amount of water costs hundreds of EUR, depending on the heating source and on the habits of the family. It is important to take into consideration all the financial parameters and consequences of the individual solutions when you are choosing your water heating system. New technologies will be presented by both Czech and foreign manufacturers at the FOR THERM trade fair, which will take place on 15-19 September, 2015, in the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center in Letnany, Prague, Czech Republic. Professionals in the fields of heating, AC, chimney systems and alternative energy sources will take part in the concurrent conference.   (12.2.2015)   read more >>

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